Homes built in the last 1 to 5 years for $400,00 and less in the Columbia Area!

Newer homes have so many advantages!

Little to no maintenance: Everything is new, so items such as the roof, flooring, applicances, water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit, or plumbing will not need to be replaced for 10-20 years.  

Modern Conveniences: New homes are designed for current lifestyles and include networked wiring systems, master suite baths, built in dishwashers, microwaves, and dishwashers, and work-out and media rooms. 

Builder's Warranty: Reputable builders will stand behind the quality of their work. Some provide extended warranties on the homes they build. 

Energy Efficient: New applicances are built to be energy efficient, and newer homes have insulated walls, ceilings and floors and double pane windows. Some new homes have solar panels. 

Built to Code: Building codes are continually being updated, and newer homes adhere to the new codes that address consumer safety. 

Check out these new homes between 1-5 years old!